The Rosman & Associates Firm offers a professional service useful to help managers of organizations to identify and define the issues affecting their organizations, to achieve its basic aims and objectives emanating from the mission, analyze the facts that cause them, identifying the root causes, plan and implement actions for their improvement.

Such work involves the transfer of knowledge, know-how and training of personnel of the organizations for which the Firm has different specialized areas, such as:

Through this service we give to those responsible for running the company, managers, executives and chiefs, the necessary elements to be informed in real-time about the evolution of the company. We put emphasis on generate accounting and management reports to look ahead and anticipate the decisions, instead of being a “mirror” that can view only backwards.

Our task on different subjects:

I.1. Accounting and Auditing:
To understand accounting as a system of information and not only as a mere formality. We offer to the clients our method, adapted to their real complexity and necessity.

To do this:
· Organization of accounting information systems.
· Analysis of the characteristics and complexity of the company.
· Analysis of its structure.
· Circuit design for the administrative processing.
· Information gathering, management and registration.
· Preparation of Annual Financial Statements according to current professional standards.
· Preparation of Financial Statements on a monthly.
· Monthly: economic and financial ratios.
· External audit of financial statements comprising the selective review of the operations and reports that are made in the company to provide reliability and certainty to third.
· Internal audit, covering the functions of evaluation and revision of the internal activities of the company as a service to the Directorate to facilitate and improve internal control.

I.2. Management Control:
Through this service we offer a comprehensive information system especially useful for the company, generate proposals and the employer who will indicate what information that really interests you and that time and form.

To do this:
· Creation of the general parameters for the control of management
· Control panels.
· Monthly reports with parameters specified by the customer.

I.3. Societies
An adequate knowledge of corporate commercial law, achieved through significant work, allows us to obtain the best ways to protect the heritage of our customers at the time of writing contracts, making a merger, and more.

Our task in this area:
· Formation and transformation of the Societies Act 19550
· Constitution of Civil Societies and Associations.
· Sponsorship to the Inspectorate General of Legal Persons.
· Sponsorship at the Public Registry of Commerce.
· Proceedings before the Office of the State.
· Modification of social contracts and statutes.
· Sale of shares and / or transfer fees
· Mergers, liquidations and changes
· Counseling regarding corporate

I.4. Costs
A costing system can mean from a single sheet of variable cost to the more complex analysis of standard costs. Our study has professionals trained in this very crucial in the development of the company’s operations.

Our task:
· Design, implementation and cost control systems.
· Determination of standard costs or estimated.
· Generation of periodic reports of costs, according to customer’s individual requirements.
· Analysis of deviations.
· Costs for decision making.

I.5. Taxation
The aim of this service is the analysis and definition of the legal tax and labor of the economic activities of the company.

Our work:
· Advice on rules and regulations, tax and insurance.
· Determination, settlement and filing of affidavits for all types of national taxes, provincial and municipal governments.
· Procedures high, low and changing situation with the various agencies.
· Frameworks in the various systems of billing and registration.
· Coverage of all systems of information.
· Withholding and Perceptions.
· Tax Planning.
· Tax Audits.
· Answering requests.
· Care inspections.
· Defense in litigation and administrative bodies.
· Advice on taxation and welfare.

I.6. Labor Relations
In our firm, this area has all the tools and structures to support the employer in its formal relationship with its employees.

To do this::
· Closeouts salaries and wages of existing collective agreements.
· System and database with the conventions in force and their respective salary scales.
· Salaries and wages books, printing and registration.
· Creation of employment contracts.
· Payment of monthly payment of social security and union with parallel report for accounting.
· Liquidation and management of family allowances monthly repayments.

Through this department we provide the employer the information necessary for making financial decisions.

There are two areas where the employer can acquire financing, banking and non banking. Our country has mostly used the banking sector. The banking sector has became insignificant.

The Firm has extensive experience in management and implementation of bank financing for private banking and, through instruments such as trusts, leasing, financial factoring, warrants, etc..

The Studio has a staff of highly trained professionals for the design and analysis of this instrument.

To do this:
• Feasibility study of projects.
• Market Analysis (potential target).
• Technical feasibility.
• Risk Assessment.
• Determination of IRR (Internal Rate of Return).
• Determination of the NPV (Net Present Value).

In this area, our task is to develop human resources as a key factor in how the organization evolves in order to achieve greater alignment with the organization goals.

For this purpose our work is:
• Mediation and Negotiation.
• Search and selection of personnel for different levels.
• Training strategy.
• Conformation and coordination of work teams
• Organizational diagnosis.
• Strategic Planning for Human Resources.

In this area, our firm has a staff of qualified and recognized staff in the medium, both in the areas of software and hardware.

The task is performed is:
• Analysis and advice to determine the most appropriate software for the enterprise.
• Service after sales assistance and training.

We also have:
• Business management.
• Accounting.
• Salaries and Wages. Control schedules.
• VAT purchases and sales.
• Preparation of Balance Sheet

This service includes:

• Accompany the employer in acquiring organizational tools for the incorporation of new skills.
• Facilitate the management.
• Accompany the process of transition to undertake profound changes in the systems of power and authority in business.
• Incorporate new creativity in Task Management.
• Consulting processes: task construction and strengthening the bond consultant, entrepreneur, employer-firm link (based on multidisciplinary knowledge).
• Resource Consulting: organizational tools and devices to assess available resources and implement new strategies and tactics.