Rosman & Associates services cover all issues facing high technology companies and the Internet, such as the design of its corporate structure and tax, preparation of license agreements, distribution contracts and other operational and management advice in respect trademark, domain names and intellectual property and legal analysis of strategic alliances.
Judicial Affairs
Lawyers who make up the Staff of the Firm are responsible for a wide range of civil, commercial and administrative cases. They also attend Banks collections, financial companies and insurance, although most are simple, require careful management, given the volume of lawsuits involved.

Arbitration and Mediation
The firm has attorneys on both subjects, sponsors and clients, before arbitration panels and mediators.
Mediation sessions are held at special conference rooms, facilitating dialogue between the parties and ensure confidentiality.

The following are some of the services provided by the study in this area:

• Establishment of new financial institutions.
• Acquisitions and mergers of financial institutions exist.
• Advice on complex financial transactions such as financial leasing, asset securitization and project financing.
• Design of forms and preparation of audit manuals and standard operating procedure.

Rosman & Associates has significant experience in advising on issues relating to foreign trade. It includes laws relating to tariffs, quotas and unfair competition, as well as the regulations of the MERCOSUR and the WTO.

Firm’s services include:
• Defense of manufacturers / exporters with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry and the National Commission of Foreign Trade in the process of dumping, subsidies and safeguards.

• Assistance to entrepreneurs / exporters in Argentinean processes dumping, subsidies, or safeguards against them in third countries, through working with law firms in the country concerned.

• Advice to entrepreneurs, both Argentine and foreign, in submitting claims to the State relating to any failure by third countries, the rules of the WTO and MERCOSUR.

Rosman & Associates through years of practice has gained a high level of expertise in terms of Insolvency and Bankruptcy.
The firm has sponsored large companies with financial difficulties, and also has represented creditors in the process of checking credit, creditor committees, purchase business failures, and enforcement of security related issues.
Rosman & Associates advises national and foreign clients in negotiating contracts of representation, distribution, and franchising and licensing of all types, including tax and its trademark. It is also responsible for the supervision of compliance with contractual obligations of distributors, licensees and franchisees, as well as disputes arising in the early termination of these contracts.
Firm’s Services cover a wide range of fields, from the processing of necessary authorizations for the merger or acquisition of businesses to the sponsorship in all types of contents and disputes arising from the implementation of Laws on the Protection of Competition.
Our services cover various aspects, such as providing legal advice and representation in all types of administrative and judicial proceedings under the Consumer Protection Law, advertising, product liability and replacement of defective products, defense actions initiated by consumer associations, contests and promotions, product advertising, labeling and marketing conditions, and program design and implementation of compliance with consumer protection.
Rosman & Associate’s staff is highly skilled in administrative law, which allows you to advise their clients in bidding, negotiating contracts and other concessions as well as to represent them in all sorts of procedures and appeals before administrative tribunals, judicial and arbitral .
Its services include:

•Assessment of compliance with environmental standards and, where appropriate, the resulting liability for environmental damage, especially in cases of transfer of stock or business packages.

•Obtaining environmental permits and licenses.

•Advising clients on environmental inspections and any defense in any administrative or judicial case.

•Represented clients in negotiations with regulatory bodies.

•Advice to public or private institutions, national or international law issues and environmental stewardship.

The Firm is involved in the definition of personnel policy in regard to the issue of collective rights.
To participate in this collective bargaining within the frame of the joint commissions or in direct negotiations with the institution of the union activity.
In terms of individual employment relationships, the Firm involved in the proceedings before the labor authorities that apply in different provinces, it is the Ministry of Labor or the provincial organisms in replacement of functions, subject to principal objective of reducing labor conflicts.
Also attends all inspections conducted by the labor authorities in implementing, completing the required legal work and precautions involved in trial or being held at the offices Summaries of each agency.
Similarly in the Accidents and Occupational Diseases, the study provides guidance on the Risk of Labor Law Nº 24,557, amended and applicable case law.
With regard to Previsional Law and Social Work, study participates in the respective inspections and appeals under Act promotes 11683, 18820 Law and other rules as appropriate.
Also acts in the execution of debts as well as forecasts allegations of rape by the Criminal Law and Tax Law 24241, having obtained important jurisprudential history.
Rosman & Associate’s services include, for example:

• Design of corporate structures and tax.

• Incorporation of companies and registration of branches of foreign companies.

• Representation of issuers, investment banks and investors in public offerings of shares and debt.

• Procedures and presentations required by the system of public offering of securities.

• Negotiating Shareholders Agreements, Partnership Agreements entrepreneur, Unions Transitional Business Partnerships and Joint Ventures.

• Representation of shareholders in Assemblies.

• Advice from directors, shareholders and trustees in corporate conflicts.

The Tax Department of the Firm is able to offer, among others, the services listed below:

• Tax planning.

• Advice in cases of tax inspections and closures.

• Defense officials formulation processes and their appeal, both in judicial and administrative headquarters.

• Advice on all issues related to transactions between companies belonging to the same economic unit, such as transfer pricing, mergers, and other forms of corporate reorganization.

• Tax audits.

• Advice on international treaties to avoid double taxation.

Our Firm offers advice to clients since the beginning of the structuring, including audit and tax as well as purchase the drafting of purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, financing agreements and other agreements related to the sale.
We advise shareholders, business directories and companies both in acquisitions and in other conflict-friendly working on these cases in conjunction with our litigation team, advising our clients with the highest level of commitment, creativity, teamwork and business sense.
Rosman & Associates advises clients in the real estate business in Argentina, in a variety of areas that include acquisitions, international joint ventures, financing, structuring and refinancing of investment, commercial leasing, purchase of land and fields, development planning and land development towers of apartments and residential complexes or resorts, hotel operation and management, and compliance with existing regulations and registration.
The firm has experienced professionals dedicated to developing and implementing the best strategy to manage and protect trademarks, patents, trade secrets, know-how, domain names, copyright and other intellectual property rights.
Rosman & Associates provides a wide range of services related to this activity:

• Representation of clients before the Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nación.

• Legal assistance for settling claims.

• Litigation and arbitration on the scope of coverage for political risk insurance, general liability and products, professional liability (D & O, E & O, medical malpractice, civil liability of lawyers), life, transportation by air, land and maritime, insurance banking (BBB) and other conflicts arising in insurance and reinsurance.

• Cutt-Off contracts.

We advise our clients on customs matters in general, including advising and planning of foreign trade, representing clients before the Argentine customs authorities and the federal courts, local and international regulations, including issues related to bilateral trade agreements, such as regional and multilateral MERCOSUR, ALADI and WTO disputes related to tariff issues, tariff classification, origin, customs procedures and customs valuation of goods.